Large corporations know well the capabilities of the companies offering M&A Advisory services. More and more, small and mid-sized companies are looking for professionals to help them

  1. to get the highest possible price for their company,
  2. to find the best possible acquisition target, and
  3. to maximize the value of possible divestments.

We offer you a full-range of M&A advisory services for deploying your strategy better and faster.

Our cooperation to find an ideal buyer starts with familiarizing ourselves with your strategy and goals, followed by an in-depth market analysis and strategic goal-setting, which will guarantee the best possible results.

We always aim to add as much value as possible to your business. First, we adjust our process to fit your needs. We proceed step by step and modify our process if necessary to align with your goals.

Our charges are based on either retainer or success fee.  If the work does not lead to a transaction, we will only charge for the actual costs (for example, for the market research done by our partner).

For the seller, the main benefits of working with us are

1. achieving a higher company valuation because we are experts in our field,
2. saving you time and effort so you can focus on running your business (we take responsibility for the sales process), and
3. finding ideal buyers for your company: we have the industry knowledge to create a perfect buyer match for your company.


  • Provide valuation and market analyses
  • Determine potential acquisition goals and targets
  • Evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives
  • Prepare the marketing materials
  • Organize the bid process and assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition


“We wanted to focus on our core businesses (domains, web hosting, and WordPress services) because in those areas we are a leading company. Wolfcorner helped us to divest our data center business. Now we have more time focus on our service sales via web shop and to further develop self-services functionality.”

Tapio Talvisalo, Chairman of the Board, Louhi Networks Oy


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.