Our main goal is to add value to our customers. When clients choose to work with us, we do our best to advise them to get the highest value on their business and shares. Usually our collaboration covers all business aspects and it becomes most intense during transaction preparation and closing.

Sell mandates

Rugged mobile device company is for sale

A small IT company specialized in selling rugged mobile devices with life cycle services is for sale. The company has a good and loyal customer base. Revenue is modestly growing, and profitability...

A laboratory and measure equipment service and import company open for sale

The company has a good and loyal customer base. Their operations are profitable, and they have unique service offering with some special skills and authorization. This small company would be a good...

A small data center is open for sale

A small profitable data center is open for sale. The company is profitable and growing. They provide data center operations, cloud computing, virtualization services as their main parts of their...

Software development company with some of their own applications

Extremely good and growing software development company. Top-notch engineers and very demanding customer projects executed. They mainly focus on software development for their customers, but they...

A Nordic cloud software and service company for sale

We have a small private cloud technology company and an expert service company for sale. They have two business lines: software for cloud provisioning and professional services for very...

Buy mandates

Digital consulting company specialized in boosting eCommerce from Nordic countries

Our customer is looking for a company that is specialized in helping eCommerce shops to grow and expand their customer base. Despite how good your eCommerce platform is it doesn’t help you before...

Service design company from the EU area wanted

Our customer is looking for a service design company with highly competent staff. The company's main focus should be helping top management to design services on a strategic level. Our customer...

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between €1-10 million and positive result. Acquisition opportunities

IPR and innovation-rich technology companies

We are looking for IPR and innovation-rich small revenue (€0.5–€3 million) companies or business units for our value creation program. It’s an excellent way to boost the business and value of a...

Buyers for AI and big data companies

If you’re considering selling your AI or big data company, let’s talk. Partial exit is also possible. That could help you to fuel your company’s growth. Acquisition opportunities

Buyers for Microsoft partners

We have buyers for M365, Dynamics, Azure, and BI businesses. Both small and bigger companies are of interest. Please contact us for more information. Acquisition opportunities

Buyers looking for hosting companies in Northern Europe and emerging markets

If you are considering selling your web hosting company, talk with us.  We have several buyers searching for web hosting companies. We are continuously tracking current valuations and the latest...

A home care company wanted in Finland

A home care company operating in the Helsinki region is of interest to one of our customers. The revenue must be at least €300.000. Acquisition opportunities

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between €1-10 million and positive result....

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Think about growth

With our expertise and network, you will find opportunities that provide the required strategic turnaround.

Business plans are essential to growing a business. If your goals include inorganic growth, we will help you plan and set the right targets for mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we help shareholders achieve accelerated growth or liquidity events by selling to a larger, synergistic organization that wants to invest in and build on what the founders have created. 

Think about growth

Our value creation services are more than just one figure. That’s because the company’s value is based on different dynamic factors.

The purpose of our value creation services is to help you to find a few simple changes that you can implement easily to boost the value of your company or a business unit. We have developed and tested an agile method to identify small operational changes that will make a huge impact on performance and your company value.

At Wolfcorner, no client is too big or too small

We serve clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries and have in-depth knowledge of the ICT industry. Our competitive advantage is that we have a global and local network of experts who can complete all your assignments within deadline and add value to your business.

“Jarmo Kuusivuori loves to challenge himself and gets deeply involved when helping founders. He has a hands-on approach, doesn’t accept explanations but instead requires actions from founders. An invaluable asset for our accelerator who prides brutal, honest, actionable feedback.”

Karolina Miller

CEO, Startup Sauna

“Jarmo was one of the best coaches that guided Vividly through the stages of development at Startup Sauna accelerator. Jarmo is a very good listener who has an arsenal of “refreshing” questions to put you back on track, help to gain a new perspective on your business & find the right focus. One of the rare persons who inspires you to become your best self.”

Gunita Kulikovska

Founder and CEO, Alina Dolmate Partner

Pro bono consulting

Startup Accelerators benefit from our coaching services.

Our background and approach set us apart from other coaches. Our M&A colleagues don’t normally work with startups because the time to exit is too far in the future. It is crucial for startup owners to understand early on what they will face later regarding exit valuation details. This understanding is necessary when meeting with investors. We are also interested in providing a presentation or workshop on maximizing a company’s value.  

Views on mergers and acquisitions

M&A market outlook – what to do now and what to expect to happen

2020 was a better M&A year than expected. Although, the number of M&A deals dropped in Q2 and Q3 compared to 2019. In some industry sectors, 2020 was a better year than many people expected....

Miten korona on vaikuttanut IT-alan yrityskauppoihin?

Hyvillä yrityksillä on kysyntää Monet odottivat pandemian alkaessa, että IT-toimialan yrityskauppamarkkinat muuttuvat myyjän markkinoista ostajan markkinoiksi. Näin ei ole kuitenkaan käynyt,...

ICT M&A during COVID-19 crisis

It seems that COVID-19 has impacted the M&A market quite heavily, which is not surprising. The overall number of transactions will drop steeply during 2020. However, the number of ICT...

The valuation vs. market price. What´s the difference?

A market valuation helps determine the company’s worth on the market. Valuing a business is often described both as an art and a science. Usually, there is a gap between valuation and the market...

Why do companies make acquisitions?

According to my experience, there is only one formula for selecting acquisition targets successfully. It is the business strategy: each merger or acquisition must have its business growth objective....

Growing inorganically: the secret to a successful M&A valuation

Is inorganic growth your strategic choice? Have you acquired a company, or are you planning to do so? As I wrote in a previous article, it is essential to always check the strategy fit from...

If you intend to sell your business – plan ahead

Selling your business can be an attractive scenario for any entrepreneur. When you’ve decided to market your business, my first question is: why? Your potential buyer will ask this also. Some...

Opportunities to increase your company´s value

Usually, at a certain point in the life cycle of small and medium-sized companies, the owners decide to sell. The case depends mainly on the timing and the money offered. Why sell your business? How...

Is now the right time to sell your business?

This seems to be a high season regarding valuations in the ICT industry. We have had many deal closings during the last 18 months, and there will be more announcements at the end of the year. Is now...

A year of ownership changes in small and midsize ICT services companies

Our study shows that ownership changed in 52% of the IT service companies with less than €25 million in sales between 2015 and 2018. We followed ownership arrangements of 65 companies over 36...
ICT M&A during COVID-19 crisis

ICT M&A during COVID-19 crisis

It seems that COVID-19 has impacted the M&A market quite heavily, which is not surprising. The overall number of transactions will drop steeply during 2020. However, the...

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