Acquisition opportunities

Sell mandates

An opportunity to acquire software IPR

An opportunity has arisen to acquire Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for an advanced cloud-based, data-driven process mining solution. This offering comprises a comprehensive...

A payment solutions provider for sale

This well-established company offers diverse payment solutions consisting of registers, systems, terminals, and accessories. It has demonstrated consistent year-over-year sales...

Thriving digital healthcare solutions company available for acquisition

Offering innovative patient data digitalization and procedural solutions, this customer-centric company is now for sale. With a track record of increasing sales revenue, stable...

A cash register and payment terminal business for sale

A Finnish company is looking for buyers for its business segments related to the sales of payment terminals and cash registers. The business segment is profitable, and its...

IoT software company for sale

This Finnish company specializes in IoT software for the HoReCa (hotel / restaurant / catering) sector. The SaaS business model has proven to be successful.  The company is...

IT-service company looking to sell its profitable hosting services

An IT-service company is looking to sell its hosting services as a carve-out to focus on its core business. The hosting services are profit-making and provide stable positive...

Acquisitions – Sell mandates

If you want to sell your company with the help of professional advisors, we are here to help. We describe to you the usual process and then we customize it based on your individual needs. Or, if you already know how you want to execute the sale process or divestment, we are happy to help.

Our approach is normally to proceed step by step. Our customers have the freedom to pause or stop the process, in the event that circumstances dramatically change. We always aim to add value to our customers, and we will turn over every stone, if necessary, to find the best available solution for our customers.

Acquisitions – Buy mandates

As with sell mandates, we always want to add value for our customers´ shareholders when they want to grow inorganically. We go through their strategy and have a dialogue about what kind of acquisition could grow shareholders’ value.

Occasionally it’s best to limit the first step just by doing market research about suitable targets. Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want and then we just do the work.

Around 50% of our mandates are buy mandates, and our customers have always been able to grow their value higher than the price they paid to acquire a company.

Buy mandates

Many buyers for SaaS companies

We have many buyers for SaaS companies with revenue of more than 1 million euros. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the software is. The most important...

Buyers for Microsoft specialized SW companies

We have buyers for M365, Dynamics, Azure, and BI businesses. For small and large companies.  Please contact us, and we tell you more.Acquisition opportunities

Buyers for AI and big data companies

If you’re considering selling your AI or big data company, let’s talk. Partial exit is also possible. That could help you to fuel your company’s growth....

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS, or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between 1-10 mill € and...

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS, or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between 1-10 mill €...

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Transactions completed

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