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Sell mandates

A laboratory and measure equipment service and import company open for sale

A laboratory and measure equipment service and import company is open for sale. The company has a good and loyal customer base. Their operations are growing and profitable, and...

A small IT service company with its own data center open for sale

A fast-growing small profitable data center is open for sale. Good customer base and excellent location. Very competent and loyal employees. Sales and profit are growing despite...

Rugged Mobile Device and Service company plus IoT software

Rugged mobile device and service company with a good and loyal customer base is for sale. The company´s business is profitable and growing. The company is providing device life...

A small competency test software company

A small company providing HR software for competence testing and competence management is for sale. A huge amount of IP is involved in the product and process. It could be a...

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Acquisitions – Sell mandates

If you want to sell your company with the help of professional advisors, we are here to help. We describe to you the usual process and then we customize it based on your individual needs. Or, if you already know how you want to execute the sale process or divestment, we are happy to help.

Our approach is normally to proceed step by step. Our customers have the freedom to pause or stop the process, in the event that circumstances dramatically change. We always aim to add value to our customers, and we will turn over every stone, if necessary, to find the best available solution for our customers.

Acquisitions – Buy mandates

As with sell mandates, we always want to add value for our customers´ shareholders when they want to grow inorganically. We go through their strategy and have a dialogue about what kind of acquisition could grow shareholders’ value.

Occasionally it’s best to limit the first step just by doing market research about suitable targets. Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want and then we just do the work.

Around 50% of our mandates are buy mandates, and our customers have always been able to grow their value higher than the price they paid to acquire a company.

Buy mandates

IT service companies wanted

If you have an IT service company with a revenue of more than three million euros, we would like to talk with you.Acquisition opportunities

Many buyers for SW companies

We have many buyers for SW companies with revenue of more than 1 million euros. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the software is. The most important...

Data centers wanted

We have a buy mandate for Nordic/Baltic data center from 1 MW and bigger. Co-location companies are also interesting. If you are interested, please contact...

Digital consulting company specialized in boosting eCommerce from Nordic countries

Our customer is looking for a company that is specialized in helping eCommerce shops to grow and expand their customer base. Despite how good your eCommerce...

Buyers for AI and big data companies

If you’re considering selling your AI or big data company, let’s talk. Partial exit is also possible. That could help you to fuel your company’s growth....

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS, or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between 1-10 mill € and...

Buyers for Microsoft specialized SW companies

We have buyers for M365, Dynamics, Azure, and BI businesses. For small and large companies.  Please contact us, and we tell you more.Acquisition opportunities

Buyers looking for hosting companies in Northern Europe and emerging markets

If you consider selling your web hosting company, talk with us. We have several buyers searching for web hosting companies. We are continuously tracking...

IPR and innovation-rich technology companies

We are looking for IPR and innovation-rich small revenue (€0.5–€3 million) companies or business units for our value creation program. It’s an excellent way...

A home care company wanted in Finland

A home care company operating in the Helsinki region is of interest to one of our customers. The revenue must be at least €300.000. Acquisition opportunities

Service design company from the EU area wanted

Our customer is looking for a service design company with highly competent staff. The company's main focus should be helping top management to design services...

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Investment opportunities

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Transactions completed

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