Digital consulting company specialized in boosting eCommerce from Nordic countries

Our customer is looking for a company that is specialized in helping eCommerce shops to grow and expand their customer base. Despite how good your eCommerce platform is it doesn’t help you before you’ll get your customer base to grow and bigger transactions.

Our customer is looking for acquiring a small company with around 5-10 employees that would like to join a bit bigger small organization. That could be a good opportunity to continue to focus on your core competencies and get a good price for your company.

Please let us know if you want to hear more.

Acquisition opportunities

Cloud service company wanted

Cloud service company wanted

We have several buyers for cloud service companies. Certified engineers, Azure, AWS, or Google knowledge needed. Revenue range between 1-10 mill € and positive result.Acquisition...

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Data centers wanted

We have a buy mandate for Nordic/Baltic data center from 1 MW and bigger. Co-location companies are also interesting. If you are interested, please contact us, and let's discuss...

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Many buyers for SW companies

We have many buyers for SW companies with revenue of more than 1 million euros. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the software is. The most important thing is that your...

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Buyers for AI and big data companies

If you’re considering selling your AI or big data company, let’s talk. Partial exit is also possible. That could help you to fuel your company’s growth. Acquisition...

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