Service design company from EU area wanted (vain englanniksi)

Our customer is looking for a service design company with highly competent staff. The company’s main focus should be helping top management to design services on a strategic level.

Our customer would like to buy all the shares or at least 51% of the shares. This could be an opportunity to expand your operations as part of a bigger organization (but not a big organization).

If you want to join to be part of a European growing and innovative company, we are happy to tell you more.


Buyers looking for hosting companies in Northern Europe and emerging markets

Ostajia hosting-yrityksille

Jos olet harkitsemassa web-hostausyrityksesi myyntiä, ota yhteyttä, Meillä on useita ostajia etsimässä web-hostausyrityksiä. Seuraamme tarkasti markkinaa ja erityisesti...

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