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We are helping our customers create value for their customers and grow their businesses. Minor changes can make a huge difference, but sometimes owners and management teams need to take more dramatic actions to build a flourishing business.

Driving value creation

Identifying changes

Finding targets

Interim leadership

Value creation services help you to grow

When the M&A process starts we discuss market trends that are vital to the growth of our customers’ businesses, their plans for growth, the technology changes impacting their operations, and the competitive pressures within their industries.

We have gathered all the findings from the process of preparing companies for acquisition and developed a series of new services to help business owners make everyday operational changes to increase the value of the company.

Considering the small operational changes, business strategy, and execution will make your business stronger.


The guru of strategic thinking Edwar de Bono has said: “Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive.”

Accelerating value creation

Value creation is the primary aim of any business and the way to grow. If your business is not growing and you are not reaching set goals it is time to start driving and speeding up execution.

Our series of workshops will help you find a way to create value for your customers and grow your business. Especially if you have a company or business unit that is not growing but is somewhat IP-rich, we should have a talk.

In technology-based industries, entrepreneurial firms have increasingly entered into strategic alliances. We can look for an ideal partner for you to maximize synergies in all the operational areas such as innovation, customers, competences, and people. If we discover a strong match, we will open the discussion to find a way to create a joint strategy for moving forward. If the outcome of the strategy work is competitive enough, we will assist in finding an investor.

Just contact us if you want to know how to unlock new opportunities to create value for your customers.

Identifying the small changes

We conduct workshops on increasing the value of your company with or without acquisitions. The aim is to find a few simple changes that you can implement easily to boost the value of your company or a business unit.

In the workshop, we go through the operational and strategic changes you can make to boost your valuation. Many of these things are too often ignored or considered only when you hear a valuation from a buyer candidate. By transforming the findings into operational actions, you can double your company’s value.

Sometimes just one small change can end up having a huge impact on your business. For example, we might find out that it is possible to change the business model to be based on recurring revenue.

Our expertise in increasing value has grown as we´ve participated in hundreds of meetings where buyers and sellers have discussed the value of a company. We have a list of around 40 parameters that would make a difference to your company value.

Finding the right targets

We will help you define the targets that really fit your strategy. A light analysis of integration possibilities is included in our service. Our search can be based on technology, geography, competences or other criteria, and we can work anonymously if you choose.


Interim leadership service

We are offering an advisory service to help our customers monthly with management and value creation tasks. For example, we can lead your management team or act as an interim board without official status.

Before joining your team we agree on the goals, targets, and the plan that we execute together. No exceptions so far: the goals have always been achieved.

“As a startup accelerator operator, conducting six intensive programs for almost 100 startups, I am proud and happy to recommend Jarmo Kuusivuori’s mentoring and M&A skills. He is the supreme professional and impressive support for all acceleration participants.

Jarmo has been a mentor at Space3 Accelerator since 2016. He gets particularly good feedback, and especially his knowledge about M&A has been unique and valuable to the teams. Lots of them ask for individual consultations and mentoring process with Jarmo.

I hope we will continue our cooperation in future editions.”

Marta Moksa

Space3ac Mentoring Operator

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